Artist Session // Jackie Hill

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Family Session // The Cronks

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Artist Session // Freddie Fisher

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Adventures In Babysitting

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Auntie time is the BEST time. Can you believe how much he’s grown. His newborn pics don’t seem that long ago. I love this little dude.






newborn session // oscar elliott king

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This is Oscar and I love him! He is so stinking adorable! Newborn sessions are my favorite. They aren’t the fastest photo session but I have no problem spending lots of time with babies. It was so great to hang out with the three of them. Eric and Brynna are going to be fantastic parents. Are they not the cutest little family? And check out all of Oscar’s little facial expressions. He has so many! Enjoy!

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Wedding // Chad and Holly

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Chad and Holly’s wedding was awesome. This is a FUN bunch of people. I shot Holly’s brother’s wedding last year so I knew some of the guests and wedding party. I gotta say, I love these people. As you scroll through the pictures you will be able to put together that this was a Portland Trail Blazer themed wedding. How neat is that! Lots of red and black! We got a little carried away with the group photos and basketball style photos! It was very funny and had all of us cracking up. The love this couple has for each other and their family is inspiring. The wedding and reception was held at Marylhurst University in Lake Oswego. Cheers to Holly and Chad! I wish you all the best!

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Senior Session // Lydia Morse

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Meet Lydia. Does she have the best smilie or what!? Okay- this young lady is awesome! She quite mature for 16 years. We shot on her parents property in Washington around 6 pm. The humidity was kickn! She looks amazing but me- oh boy. Let’s just say it was good that I was behind the camera. I’m so happy she chose her parents property for the shoot. There were so many pretty areas to work with. You may recall I photographed her brother a few years back. You can see those images here. Just like her brother she is totally comfortable in front of the camera so it made my job super easy and fun. I found out that she’s into photography as well and she has a GREAT eye! She also has excellent taste in music as she mentioned she was a Humble Beast fan! This gal is going far in life. I know it.

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Montana Man

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Briauna and Lia

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WAHOO!! Another fun session with Briauna and Lia. These two gals are just beautiful..and Lia is getting so big. This was our second session together-shot in downtown Beaverton. You can check out the first photo session here. Lia is all sass. I love it. Oh and I’ve learned that bribing toddlers with mints is the trick to getting them to smile. Who knew?

Oregon family session with the Dykstras

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Meet the Dykstras. Tim, Lyndsey, Acacia, Eli, Kaiya and Hudson. I adore them. We shot these images on a cloudy day where you pray and cross your fingers that the rain would be held back. Portland weather is so bizarre and you never know what you’re going to get. Thankfully it was a dry and beautiful afternoon. All the awesome green you see is on their property in West Linne. Everywhere you looked was an amazing setting or backdrop. Lucky me!! This family is so fun to be around. The kids are great and very easy to work with. I’m so happy with the cute shots of Tim and Lyndsey. Aren’t they adorable! I LOVE them. It was Tim’s idea to kick off the shoes and go into the creek and of course I was game!! That is my find of fun! All in all it was a great time together and I look forward to creating with this family again.